•  The only specialist Japanese language institute on the North Shore – a Centre of Excellence for Japanese
: As we specialise exclusively in Japanese, the natural result is to focus on development of Japanese teaching and to have an incomparable high level of teaching quality.
  • The best of the best teachers
: All teachers at North Shore Japanese Academy are either previous/current high school teachers
or current university lecturers. They are highly qualified and experienced Japanese native teachers, and one of them has more than 25 years experience at all levels and all ages in Australia.
Note: Inexperienced teachers do not take charge of HSC classes in order to help students achieve
the best outcome.
  • Valuable sources and effective curricula
: Assessment tasks provided by the Board of Studies and past HSC exam papers, including listening CDs, are used in lessons to prepare students for their HSC exams. As some teachers are currently teaching at government schools in NSW or used to teach at schools, our teachers can intensively support students to prepare for HSC exams. We are also in regular contact with high school teachers, which allows us to keep up- to-date with any changes in the curriculum, as well as providing us with a source of valuable and current teaching materials.
  • Positive competitive learning environment
: Most of our students attend selective high schools of reputation in NSW and score high marks in the Japanese examination, over 90%, which creates a high-level educational environment and encourages positive competitiveness among students in class.
Students can choose between private or group lessons according to their preferences and schedule. As our group lessons are designed for a maximum 4 students, we can optimise the quality of teaching and put more focus on each student in both private and group classes.
  • Top marks in results/examinations HSC
: As in 2007 and 2008, all our students scored more than 90% in HSC Japanese. We'd like to congratulate them on their hard work, and terrific results and achievements last year. We will shortly publish a list of all our Japanese students' 2009 HSC results when the results are released. Congratulations, again!
  • Caring for individuals with academic work including exams and assessments
: Teachers review the previous lesson at the beginning of every class and test students to identify their weak points, just like their own private tutor. Students can get help with school homework and exam preparation from our excellent teachers and easily get a good sense of what to expect in the test.
  • Extra support for current students for FREE
: NSJA students can get help with writing at any time from any teacher at North Shore Japanese Academy.
: NSJA students are given Free 1 hour lesson on Saturdays only in school exam period. (booking is required)
: NSJA students are given priority booking to various public HSC Workshops held every school holiday.
: NSJA students are able to participate in Free pronunciation classes held every Saturday in term time. (booking is required)
  • After HSC
: Students can apply for further study in various courses at NorthShoreJapaneseAcademy.
- Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT): Japanese is a major world language and furthermore, Japan and Australia have maintained a good, close relationship for many years, which means people who have knowledge of Japanese will have more opportunities to play front-line role in many areas, such as business, tourism and education. Achieving good marks in the JLPT means the person is recognised internationally as having good Japanese skills as JLPT is administered by Japan Educational Exchange and Services. Therefore students who study the course and have good results will get the edge in the career market.
- Exchange students in Japan: There is no better way to learn about another country, its culture and way of life of its people than by experiencing it first hand as a student exchange participant. Students can study in Japan as foreign exchange students. They will live with a host family and attend our sister school in Japan which provides long-term courses as well as short-term courses.
- Travel Japanese: Japan is famous worldwide for its hot tourist spots where the cultures of old mix perfectly with the new. In this course, students will learn all essential information, such as culture, etiquette, travel tips etc, as well as vocabs and common phrases the most needed by travellers. This course will help them further immerse themselves in the culture and enrich their travel experiences.



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